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Kitale Wilson is a young Australian  director, filmmaker and photographer, with a passion for curating stories that provoke thought and action - no matter their medium.

More than simply composing a beautiful frame, he prioritizes story above all, to ensure there is a consistent motive behind all his work. With an unwavering passion for storytelling and exploring, Kit's work strives to showcase the magnificence of nature and expose the human narrative.


At just 21 years old, Kit's adventure resume continues to grow - from big-wall climbing to ocean voyages to backcountry snow-kiting. His aptitude in a host of environments and acute understanding of adventure sports, allows him to tell a grand story regardless of the conditions. He has had the extreme benefit of being immersed neck-deep within an adventurous life from a very early age. His development or education often included dry desert trips, wet tundra crossings or vertical ascents. This life of extremes came with its hardships, but it has forced Kit to be innovative, resourceful and above all resilient.

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